This is to alert the relevant authorities about the agony employees go through daily in the hands of the Chinese expatriates in INNER GALAXY STEEL COMPANY UMUAHALA, OBUSOR ASA IN UKWA WEST LGA OF ABIA STATE.
The employees in the above mentioned company have been enslaved in their own mother land, various degrees of injury have been recorded in the company and more still happening daily and if lift unchecked more Nigerian youths will be lift disable for life, i write this with a heavy heart to what our country men and women pass through all in the name of work, 2 Chinese expatriates are the ones deeply involved in this evil act melted on our people and they are (MR. BOB P.R.O and MR JACKY HR/ADMIN) every day we cry we who help us, non of the blacks suggestion are suggested , discrimination, racist, assault, trauma of any kind are the things these workers go through everyday.........Non of the Nigeria Labour law in been obeyed, workers are not allowed to join any Union, if you compliant you will be sacked immediately.
The Chinese working there are more than 200 and non of them has recorded any form of injury only Nigerians are getting injured daily, the Chinese Guy (MR. Jacky) in-charge of HR/ADMIN stopped the supply of foods, water and other monetary help to the injured workers because he is a Racist he hates blacks with perfect hatred, he MR. Jacky will shout brutalize those working under him at will and you must not complain if you do you will be sacked immediately, Nigeria Labour Law of Redundancy are not followed.....He (Mr. Jacky) employ those he likes and sack those he perceived as his enemies......we are suffering here.......non of the blacks are among the executives no matter how qualified or experienced you are, Nigeria Government come to our rescue , Human Right Layers com to our help......MR.JACKY should be arrested and arraign for violation of human right and assaults.

Nigeria Is A Caused Nation
How true are your claims...
dny know this the first time I have heard of this

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