How My Wife Have Been Terrorising Me(1)

We stay in a room and parlor. I work in
private firm and she works in a private
secondary school as a teacher. We are
blessed with a child.
When we got married 3 years ago, we
used to pray together at least every
morning and night but latter I had to stop
praying with her for the following
1..Her prayer is mostly about attacking
people most especially people that are
close to me both male and female.
Sometimes she would pray so that some
will have accident ,some to run mad and all
those kind of prayers . Even my boss at
work inclusive for making me to stay
beyond working hours sometimes .This
irritates me a lot and so much against my
belive on how to pray.
2..She curse more than a winch though
under the seal of Jesus name and blood.
This doesn’t make her different from a
wicked herbalist in my own view.
3..And lastly, I later stopped praying with
her when She would always wake up
around 12 am to pray and fire till around 3
am .she will wake up again around 5 am
preparing for the office.
4…Sometimes she would talk from 12am
till 4am. I will wake up and sleep and still
wake again to find her still talking on
She can do this for days. I do enjoy my
sleep at best if she starts by 3 or 4. I have
told her the effects of this on always
make me inactive in the office. It got to a
stage I was not feeling fine without any
physical sign. I had to go to the hospital
for test and nothing was diagnosed. I
knew I needed rest . Meanwhile, I am a
kind of person that love thanking God for
who I am and I love interceding for people
I told her and warned her to limit the
hours so that I can have a good rest but
she won’t listen instead she took it to
another level each day. She was doing it as
if I was against Christ or have a devil in me
she wants to chase away with prayer.
Due to this, I later started having
nightmares on almost on daily bases. I
later started sleeping in the sitting room.
Sometimes she would come and start
singing and praying again. She forced me
to tell a family friend and they told her the
effects it may have on me again. So she
stopped coming to the sitting room to
pray again.
Funny enough, I am always sleeping fine
in the sitting room and its now 6 months
and I am enjoying it . To make it worst our
bedroom is like a shrine to me now. I only
enter, change my cloth after bath or
change to house ware after work then
retire to the sitting room till the following
morning. In the last 6 months I don’t think
I have spent up to five mints in the
This is just one out of 100 things happing
in my home which I will be sharing one
after the other here for people to learn
most especially people that want to marry.
Presently, the home is about finally

Next is write will be on the two major
things I learnt from my marriage .
Source: Nairaland
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oga u dey try ooo if an me I don run pass
oga u dey try ooo if an me I don run pasd
So What Message Are You Passing To Us, Cus I Don't Understand
hmmm see prayer be witch dey kill u na ur wife oh

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