Roseline could not believe that her elder sis Viv (half sister) was bleeping Badoh under her nose. She knew they were very close friends, but she thought he was doing this as payment for her relationship with Maduka. "Why did you do this? To spite me?" Roseline barked at Badoh. He was surprised. "I don't understand why you are angry, you rejected me already." He said.
"Yes I did. Enjoy yourself." She said and burst out of the house ignoring Badoh's calls. He was disappointed Roseline walked in on him bleeping her sister, but of course, he knows poo happens.
Vivian cared less about what had happened, she always told Rose severally in the past that she should "hold this your boyfriend well, or else soft girls go take am from you." And on each occasion Rose would laugh and tell her that "we're just very close friends he's not my boyfriend." That's why Viv was persistent in trying to lay with Badoh and until today she always failed woefully.
She stood up from the bed picking up all that's left of her dignity, dressed properly and kissed Badoh on his cheek, "I was having a good time" she said. She left Badoh in the room to his thoughts. His mind drifted from Vivian to Rose. How things change quickly he thought.
He could not believe that he would leap from being the guy who was madly in love with Roseline, to being the guy who bleeped her beautiful elder sister. What will his friends say, he thought.
Being a virgin was no longer a chain binding him, he now had freedom. He would no longer hide behind Roseline, not after catching her kissing his friend. He was successful in convincing himself that he did no wrong, after all, 'nwàtà ña ta Akara, ña ta ègò yà,' which loosely translates to 'you can't eat your cake and have it.'
He was still deep in thought when he heard a noise coming from the next room. He listened more attentively to ascertain what kind of sound it was. He could hear it more clearly now as he stood up and went to the next room which belonged to his sister, Sylvia.
When he got to her room, he entered without knocking, he saw Sylvia crying and approached her. Sylvia was sitting in front of her mirror. Immediately she saw Badoh, she tried to quickly readjust herself and also cleaned the tears on her face with the back of her palm.
"Hey Champ!" Sylvia said trying to hide her pain.
"Babe why are you crying?"
what do you think about this so far?
I didn't learn anything frm de story
confusing can't see the idea
Your story is good but it needs organisation for it to be clearer.
Its Good But Its Pointless

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