Terror in this christmas season

As christmas is fast approaching, so as many things are happening, only God will help us.
There is parnick, everywhere as police men discover two head in a traveller bagpack, in the city of enugu, when a man enter into a bus, with a bag pack that was removing offensive odour, after a while people in the bus started suspecting him, lucky for them they saw some police men on road, and told them the issue on ground, the police men stormed into the bus like commando, after searching the man bad they discover that it was the head of two men, who was mr onions and mr garlic...
lol fear don catch you, you waiting to hear bad news... i just want to use this medium to inform you that i am back again...
@Francischuxx @Drealup @Ojukwu @hiro @emeks @obioma @Chinwike
nice to have u back but I believe I saw this same news just that it was a female who had a human head
Welcome right back
Come @itz_bright stop that oo..
How you go put me for Long jump?
Even if its not real, lets always be careful wherever we are and go
Guy know joke with me another time
(07-12-2017, 04:24 PM)Dennis1 Wrote: Guy know joke with me another time

Hahaha this is just the begining
@Francischuxx Don't worry prepare to run marathon
No try my ooo

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