types of wives

It may interest you to know that; not every divorce or marriage failure cases we see or witness in Nigeria was as a result of the works of Our Village people. Some of the causes are from the wives and today we shall be looking at the types of wives that need to change their ways to avoid Marriage Failures.

1.- Grandmother wife – completely ancient in thoughts, deeds, and appearance. No romance, ties a wrapper to bed and refuses husband's move everytime...

2.- Office wife –she is happier at work than at home, leaves all home functions to nannies and maids...

3.- Acidic wife – caustic tongue, can inspire suicide with the things they say,abuses her husband/in-laws or relatives or anyone from morning till night without getting tired, can stay moody for days without making their worries known and you wouldn't just know what's wrong with them, their happy mood comes up once in a week in their time table...

4.- The Aide-de-camp wife – has zero tolerance for any other woman working with or around her husband...

5.- Dustbin wife – extremely dirty & unorganized – the entire house is always in disarray, always looking unkempt with rough hair do,body odor,torn and dirty undies...

6.- Pampered wife – unrealistic, doesn’t want to be scolded (or she may break down), wants to be treated like she was in her father’s house, spoilt,loose,hates to be corrected...

7.- Party wife – only interested in pleasure, unavailable every weekend,invests so much on wears for parties, borrows when there's no means...

8.- Headmistress wife – richer than the man, she combines that power with arrogance and pride to torment the man,too strong to be bent...

9.- The boxing partner wife – no submission, constant contest for leadership. Has a timetable of chores/sex for the man...
All the above samples, descriptions, titles, and examples are all negative and they are are all types of women that must be avoided at all cost in other to keep a happy and positive home.

@dorcashawkins, are you insinuating that all types and "versions" of wives or wives to be are negative and no single positive.
As much as I agree with your above listed points and description I think you are very harsh and unfair to our women.
There are negative ones among them just like there are positive ones as well.
Boxing No Submission Lol
We all believe that some women ar wicked but we still hav gud among them
How do you know
Women With Their Trouble
I agree with you but what of the type of men that should be avoided?
i agree but there are better women out there

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